The Benefits of Aerial Drones in Home Inspections

Aerial drones are a useful technology that were originally designed for military use and have since expanded to be used for commercial photography and videography, event surveillance, delivery of goods, and even home inspections. Aerial drones in home inspections help the inspector get greater detail and information about certain areas of your home that are difficult to reach, usually the roof. If your inspector doesn’t have this technology, there may be areas of the home that are not getting thoroughly inspected because they cannot be reached or seen. Read on to learn the benefits of aerial drones in home inspections.

Inaccessible No More

Home inspectors are only required to inspect areas of the home that are safe and readily accessible. Roofs that have a very steep pitch, or that are in poor shape and can’t be walked on, usually end up not being inspected closely unless the inspector uses an aerial drone.

The roof is a critical component of a home, and replacing a roof is a great expense. For this reason, a lot of the value of a home inspection comes from the roof inspection. If images of the roof, or areas of the roof, are left out of the home inspection report because of inaccessibility, you are left to hope that there will be no surprises with the condition of the roof once you move into the house. The point of a home inspection is to provide you with a complete evaluation of your potential investment, and in some situations, an aerial drone is necessary to give an accurate assessment.

A New Angle

Aerial drones in home inspections can provide a view of the home’s exterior components at an angle that would not be possible by climbing a ladder. Aerial drones also capture images of certain areas that would never be able to be viewed by the home inspector unaided. Drone images will be included in your inspection report, providing a new perspective of the home that hasn’t been seen before. These images can offer great insight into the condition of the roof and the property in general.

The use of aerial drones in home inspections is a fairly new practice. Don’t assume that all home inspectors have a drone. When you are deciding on a company to inspect your potential home purchase, ask them if they use an aerial drone and if it is included in the inspection or for an additional fee.

On Point Home Inspections includes aerial drone photography and thermal imaging in a Complete Home Inspection at no extra charge to provide the most comprehensive inspection available. Contact us to schedule your appointment.