Roof replacement or repair can be a costly proposition, so before calling a roofing contractor, take a closer look for some of the signs of a failing roof. Here are five signs that your roof may need one or the other.

1. Shingle Damage

Shingles can be a big issue when it comes to roof replacement or repair. Damaged shingles will show wear in the form of granule surface loss and other signs like curling, blistering, cracking, and splitting. Shingles that have been improperly installed or are defective to begin with, will easily fly off a roof from a minor or serious wind or rain storm. Bare, shiny, and bald spots will appear on shingles that are worn or defective. Any shingle that leaves a rooftop is either going to wind up on the ground or land somewhere else in irreparable form.

2. Roof Irregularities

When a roof has sections that are inconsistent or irregular while other areas are normal and even in appearance, the negative features indicate that roof replacement or repair may be necessary. Shingle mismatching is also an indicator of a quick or shoddy roof job. Any roofing materials that are lacking in overall conformity can be the result of a spotty and ineffective installation that takes away from the value of a home. Also, mismatched and defective roofing materials are going to age differently and will require replacement before other materials.

3. Water Leaks

Water leaks and stains are definite indications that roof replacement or repair may need to be considered. Significant leaks are usually a sign of a bad roofing job. When paint begins peeling and black stains appear, the leaks are likely causing mold or fungal growth, which can exacerbate roof structural issues. Stains like this require inspection and so does any attic area where leaks might have also occurred. Often leaks can be repaired, but if leaks have caused shingle damage and black stained areas are apparent, partial or full roof replacement may be necessary.

4. Missing Materials

When it comes to the complete packaging of a roof, missing elements may have a big impact concerning roof replacement or repair. If a material like an underlayment (protective felt or paper material installed underneath shingles) has not been installed, the waterproofing barrier is lost and leaks and shingle damage are inevitable. Other roof structures will be affected and will eventually show deterioration and aging. Any underlayment issues should probably be inspected by an expert.

5. Secure Attachment

When roofing fixtures, like proper roofing nails, hardware, flashing, drip edges, gutters, and other structural attachments are installed incorrectly, or not installed at all, roof replacement and repair can add up. If hardware and fixtures are faulty, the right methods were not used to affix them properly, and building codes have not been followed, a considerable expense for repair is inevitable. All of these areas should be inspected to determine just what aspects require attention.

Remember This When Considering a Roof Replacement or Repair

To avoid unneeded expenses with roof replacement or repair, hire a home inspector to give you a professional assessment of your roof and recommendations on what action to take. An inspector will provide a report that includes inspection of the entire roof area (top, attic, and underside) and an explanation of any structural problems, along with an honest estimate of any roof replacements or repairs needed in the future. You can manage most any roofing situation with the right information and professional help.

On Point Home Inspections provides roof inspections with the aid of an aerial drone when necessary. If you have concerns about your roof in Central Louisiana, contact us today.