When buying a home, one of the most anticipated times is the home inspection. A buyer might have found what appears to be the perfect home, but needs for a professional inspector to evaluate many facets of the home that most people aren’t educated about. Since every buyer wants to know the condition of their investment, thermal imaging in home inspections is one way to uncover what might otherwise be hidden problems. Here are three aspects of a home where a thermal imaging camera can provide extra insights during a home inspection.

1. Water Infiltration

Thermal imaging is extremely useful in detecting water infiltration that has taken place within 24 to 48 hours of the last rainfall. A roof that has water infiltration might actually not show evidence of that during the visual inspection, but thermal imaging can pick up the cooler temperature, caused by actual water penetrating the roof.

2. Air Leakage

Thermal imaging in a home inspection can detect cold air seeping in from outside in the winter, or cool air leaking out of the home in the summer, which takes away from your efforts to keep your home a comfortable temperature. Visually it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the locations of air leakage. Using thermal imaging, however, we can easily identify areas where air is escaping from or entering the home.

3. Energy Efficiency

Thermal performance is important when it comes to efficiency, but without thermal imaging it’s difficult to determine exactly how energy efficient or inefficient a home is. Insulation and air tightness are two factors that play a huge role in energy efficiency and infrared thermal imaging can provide insight into both of these factors.

Infrared thermal imaging in home inspections is the best way that a home inspector can obtain an accurate picture of the heat signatures found throughout the house. An infrared camera is an important device in a home inspector’s toolbox that allows them to provide a more thorough inspection report.

Choose an Inspector That Uses Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

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